Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wildflower Identification: Wild Bergamot

A wildflower we found along the roadside while on a bike ride, these somewhat crazy petaled flowers have a fragrant smell and long-lasting blooms that bees and other pollinators enjoy. There are a few other flowers that may appear similar, but are however in different families, Western Ironeed and Rocky Mountain Bee Plant are two such ones. The Wild Bergamot may also be referred to as Mint-Leaf Beebalm as it is in the mint family and highly attractive to bees.

The pictures above hopefully give you a good idea of the flowers characteristics. Leaves are opposite and simple with pointed tips and hairy below. They are a solitary flower on the head of the plant with 3 inch or so wide flowers, take notice of the large stamens too. They can be found nearly anywhere and can tolerate wet to dry conditions, even drought, making them a hardy flower with a great appearance in my opinion.