Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July Exploring

Wet and cool conditions kept activities a bit subdued for the Fourth of July weekend, but the sun and warmth returned for the Fourth. The family took a drive into town on Saturday and stopped at the local Farm and Home store where we picked up some new rain boots. We put them to use later that afternoon walking to the back of the acreage. Alongside looking at the pond we discovered a few patches of wild black raspberries!


We headed to nearby Hoyt, Kansas to view their fireworks show Sunday evening. Not too often in Kansas will you watch Fourth of July fireworks with a temperature of 65 degrees and under foggy conditions, but that's what we did. To make up for those conditions we are headed to another fireworks show this evening. We also did the traditional sparklers for the boys, and I bought a box of the big boomers for the boys to watch dad shoot off at home too.

We managed two bike rides over the extended weekend too, heading up and down the gravel hills. Today's ride managed a stop where a few butterflies were roaming around, and of course the 'Butterfly Whisperer' managed to have it on his hand.

During our walk through the back acres and our bike rides we managed to view and identify quite a few wildflowers. They will be some future blog posts this week!