Friday, May 27, 2016

Painting... And More Painting...

New home with contractor painted walls, and three boys who are excited about their own rooms means one thing for certain: painting!
The three boys were each given the opportunity to choose their own color for their room. They were guided to a proper shade once they chose their color as we didn’t quite need blinding or too dark of a wall.

Notice they went with blue, orange, and green. We’ll show off the walls in a later update when the rooms are complete.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rain... Lots of Rain...

The second day owning our new home included numerous thunderstorms, many of which were severe nearby. Biggest story was the rain though with a flash flood warning issued for Jackson County. Note, I wasn't a good Meteorologist and had yet to set up the rain gauge to know exactly how much fell at the new home.

This is a portion of the backyard near the garage, and there was a lot more water flowing throughout the backyard and our gully. No water in the house or basement though!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our New Home!

The largest new adventure for my family is the purchase of our new home! We moved away from the Kansas City suburbs to a rural Kansas home west of Mayetta. There will be plenty more updates regarding this home throughout the summer!

Photo: First sunset over the new home, 25 May 2016.

Blogging Returns

Summer has begun, and so has a lot of new adventures. While I’ve stopped supporting my website ( I want to attempt to keep some form of record (blog) in tact. I’ve settled on trying out Tumblr for the summer to update all of the ongoings…
So be prepared for the return of blogging!