Monday, July 18, 2016


I've mowed our 1+ acre yard with a 22" push mower many more times than I wanted to. It was taking around 8 hours and either many evenings or one very long weekend to accomplish. I was hoping to find a good used riding mower, but they are much harder to find than you'd imagine. Most purchase one and use it until it becomes destined for the scrap yard. This weekend I found a used Cub Cadet 46" riding mower that I was hoping didn't sell before I could look at it this afternoon. Unfortunately, it did. I decided to peruse through for sale postings once more as I left work and found another used Cub Cadet, this one a 2011, well taken care of, 50" cut, 25HP two cyclinder engine. Best of all I got it for the same price as the older, smaller one and the guy delivered it this afternoon.

The lawn was in desperate need of a mow so I got right to it this evening giving the boys a ride as I went up and down the yard. It's going to be a touch over 2 hours in the first go-around with the new rider, and I'm certain I can have it down to 1.5 hours once I'm used to the handle and width. The only negatives I've found is a glitch with engaging the PTO, the mow in reverse option must be on, and it seems as if in deep grass/weeds the blades are missing a swath. The cutting dilemma may be fixed with sharper blades and a few adjustments, but otherwise in typical grass it seems to do just fine. Finally looking forward to a bit of mowing!