Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Work

Owning a house means there is always work to do, and a house plus acreage means even more work! That said, nothing is more satisfying than a job well done improving your home. This weekend was full of work outside of the house with the help of my parents who brought some much needed tools, and hands to get things done.

Started off the extended weekend on Friday with the chainsaw. We ended up removing 8 trees from the property, many more bushes and starts of trees, and trimmed up the rest of the trees to remove broken or dead branches. I was responsible for operating the chainsaw while the rest of the crew carried and drug branches to a pile in the back, I think I came away with the better end of that deal. We also came away with some campfire wood and some wood for the fireplace. We also found out we have an apple tree! Yet to determine what type of apple tree it is, but I'll work on that as the apples mature.


Next job was installing gutters on the two porches. The front porch, pictured below, has a rain chain installed for the downspout, and the entry porch has the usual downspout.

We also did a few fun tasks including putting up a toddler swing for the little guy (which has already put him to sleep as shown), and a tree swing for the older boys to enjoy. A wind chime and a few other little additions were made, and fixing the mailbox this evening capped off the busy weekend of work.


It wasn't all work though, we did manage a Saturday evening at Thunderhill Speedway for dirt track racing. And afterwards my dad, wife, and I headed to the casino to lose a few (or more) bucks.