Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wildflower Identification: Queen Anne's Lace

Our bike ride Monday took us along a nearby gravel road with a grass pasture adjacent to the road. As we stopped before the road turned to mud and went down another hill we were treated to quite a few small butterflies. This is where Brayden had his picture with one on his hand in the previous posting. In the roadside my eyes were drawn to a bunching of white flowers, and I quickly was able to entertain my wife by informing her it was Queen Anne's Lace.

While there are other flowers which may be similar in appearance with white bunches, by the way these bunches or clusters of flowes are called the flowers inflorescence, the givaway with Queen Anne's Lace is while it is in fruiting. A very bristled, egg-shaped basket as shown below.

A few final notes on Queen Anne's Lace is that it is not a true native plant to Kansad, nor even the United States. It was brought over by colonists, and became naturalized. It is also considered an aggressive invader, and can crowd out other plants. While a great flower, I don't believe I'll be planting any owing to it's non-native status.