Friday, July 29, 2016

County Fair Time!

This week was the local Jackson County Fair which included a parade Wednesday evening in Holton. The boys enjoyed picking up some candy after a few tense moments of not knowing where to put it or not realizing they were competing for it with adjacent kids. There were the usual local businesses, schools, 4-H groups, and of course politicians. Those were followed by tractors and horses, but there was one group missing, the fire trucks and ambulances. Just prior to the parade a local volunteer Fire Department truck was involved in an accident while in route to the parade. One of the firemen involved lost their life and the other had serious injuries. All of the surrounding fire departments agreed to drop out of the parade as a show of respect for their fellow volunteers.

Here's a few pictures from the parade, and a few from the fairgrounds as the boys checked out the animals. Rabbits have, at least for now, entered the top spot in animals we need to have just ahead of chickens. Goats are still in the running too, and of course cows and horses are always mentioned but are out of the running due to lack of barn and acres.