Friday, July 28, 2006

Wednesday’s Storm Chase - More Lightning Pictures

Updated the website just a bit ago with yesterday’s chase log, which can be found at the bottom of my ‘06 Accounts page. Was a nice local chase with a good precip. core and a very nice lowering, which did have a reported landspout with it along with an earlier report of a tornado. No word from FSD though on the damage report and if it is going to truely be called a tornado. Even if it was, only crop damage was reported and winds were relatively weak for a tornado, most likely the F0 rating for it.

Also updated was the ‘06 Photos page which now features 3 more lightning pictures from this month, one coming just days ago. That one featured a nice red tint to the lightning, which was noted by other photographers as well throughout the area. This is said to be caused by the dust/smoke and whatever other debris that was in the air. Wish I could have had a better shot at some of the storms, but it was late and with an early start the next morning not too much time to go after lightning shots. Either way, be sure to check them out on the page, near the bottom once again.