Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fun in the Sun(setting)

It's been hot outside here, as it has been for much of the Plains with temperatures in the 90s to near 100 and heat indicies in the 100s to 110s each afternoon. The boys have been bearing the afternoon heat by playing water table, sprinkler, or kiddie pools. Playtime in the cool downstairs is always a great alternative too, of course provided the three boys can handle being within a few feet of each other. The best time to enjoy the outdoors has been after dinner as the sun begins to set, and the temperature is only around 90 degrees.

There's the swing, trampoline, the usual water enjoyment, Frisbee, and more. A ride on the lawn mower was a request too after I finished the west side of our lawn. The dumping of the water after finishing play always leaves a few puddles to enjoy too.

Looks like the heat will subside for next week with more bearable temperatures near 90 degrees. We will also see the potential for thunderstorms return with chances nearly everyday next week too!