Friday, January 19, 2007

Welcome to the Iowa Chaser Blog!!

For the last several months you have been able to read my blog on the StormCenterUSA website, under the title of 'Storm Chasing & Iowa Weather'. Well with my redesign of the website as a whole to the new name 'Iowa Chaser' I have also decided to create a new blog setup. The new setup is geared towards complete updates on the weather as well as any of my other hobbies/interests. I hope to add quite a few updates when I add photos to my website or when I get new equipment, etc. Currently I am simply working on importing all of my previous blogposts onto this new blog.

There may be some slight color changes, depending on any opinions that I get from people on whether or not it is suitable to the eyes. I will be adding more and more links to other blogs that I like to frequent on the right side of the page. The old blog will be taken down as soon as all of my entries are copied over from there to here, hopefully by the end of this weekend if not tonight. Until then...