Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter Storm: Mar. 19/20 Update #5

Snow has quickly overspread the Kansas City metro tonight, with a short period of both light rain and sleet occurring this evening areas at least on the Kansas side have switched to moderate snow around 11pm.  Snowfall is already beginning to accumulate on roadways, and strong northwest winds is blowing the snow around as it falls to the ground. Currently getting all of the equipment ready and may head out for a short period of time to grab some nighttime video of the start of the storm. Tomorrow morning I will likely also be out and around the Kansas City area barring decent snowfall is ongoing for some live video and for perhaps a small package of video.  I'll update here as necessary if I am going mobile...

Current expectation is for 4-6" of snow here in Johnson County Kansas, with a widespread 2-5" across the metro with higher amounts of ~6" towards the southern edges.  May not have to go too far further to see snowfall amounts of 6-8" and even higher dependent upon the trowal axis tomorrow afternoon.