Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Continued Thunderstorms

Scattered thunderstorms developed across the state this afternoon, some of which became severe over southeast Iowa. These thunderstorms have continued to move northeastward during the afternoon/evening hours, and are continuing to develop across southeast Iowa. As we head into the day tomorrow, these thunderstorms should have moved across much of central Iowa and have become less numerous overnight. The severe weather threat with these storms should be fairly low, with only one or two warnings expected for mainly gusty winds.

At this time, areas that are west of a Forest City, to Carrol, to Omaha line, should be out of the thunderstorm chances. Areas east of there should continue to see thunderstorms throughout the night, or tomorrow morning. Storm total rainfall amounts should range between a quarter inch to an inch for the most part. Although some localized areas may see upwards of an inch or two inches where some training of the thunderstorm occurs.

Storm reports today have been for large hail, and a damaging wind gust; all of the reports have been fairly marginal with less than an inch diameter and wind gusts likely barely reaching 60 mph if at all.