Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Night Thunderstorms Update #1

Severe thunderstorms have continued to develop farther south along the cold front over southeastern South Dakota, and much of northeast Nebraska. Other thunderstorms have moved east from east-central South Dakota into southwest Minnesota. The thunderstorms over southwestern Minnesota should not pose a severe threat, but may produce some locally heavy rainfall over the next few hours. A line of thunderstorms is likely to move east/southeast and enter portions of northwest Iowa by 9 PM. This line of thunderstorms is likely to persist into the nighttime hours as it transverses the state.

A small complex of showers/thunderstorms has developed over mainly Buena Vista county in northwest Iowa. This complex is moving southeast around 20 mph, and has occasionally produced some signs of strengthening. Conditions do not seem favorable for severe weather, thus locally heavy rain and lightning should remain the only concerns as the storms hold together for the next few hours. Updates on the thunderstorms will be likely through the evening as the potential for a few severe thunderstorm warnings to be issued for northwest Iowa.