Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Recap of October 2nd Severe Storms

Today ended up being quite an active day today on the severe weather front, with 2 tornadoes reported and 4 wind reports also received. Starting with the 4 wind reports that were received, first one in Taylor county at 4:15 PM and a second one at the Des Moines airport at 4:47 PM when several car windows were blown out. The last two reports were out of Keokuk county where a machine shed and barn both had their roofs' torn off. Indications from the Fire Department there indicate that they believe it could have been a tornado that incurred this damage. Surveys' will likely be done tomorrow by the NWS and colleagues to confirm whether or not each report was a tornado and the ratings for them as well.

The two tornado reports currently only obtain the following information:
1) Power Lines/Poles down on 13th Street & Mulberry in Des Moines, Also car flipped on SW 6th Street.
2) Seymour in Wayne county, Emergency Manager reported that a roof was blown off, several windows blown out and power poles/lines down within town.

Further to the south there were several tornado reports as well, including a couple of injuries with the tornado reports. This system has already worked well out of the state and areas where it is currently affecting are no longer under any severe risk as no watches are currently in effect. Forecast remains similar to the one stated in the previous post this morning, expect another update tomorrow night for the remainder of the work week and a look ahead at our next system that poses a severe weather threat.