Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Iowa Halloween Forecast

Missed out on the beggar's night forecast as I've been quite busy with homework and a test this week that is upcoming tomorrow. But, I can't miss out on the forecast for Halloween! Everybody is finishing up the costumes for the big night here in Ames, several costume parties all over campustown and I'm sure its' the same for many of the college towns around the state.

As for the forecast, tomorrow during the day we will see temperatures steady in the morning as a cold front moves through, allowing for temperatures to slightly decrease throughout the day tomorrow. Highs therefore will likely come in the morning to early afternoon for most areas in the state. Mid 50s for northwest Iowa to the lower 60s in southeast Iowa where the cold front won't make it through until early afternoon. As the sun sets and people begin to make their way out into the night, temperatures look to range from the mid 40s in northwest Iowa to near 50 in southeast Iowa. Winds from the northwest at 10-15 mph may be a bit brisk at times and shouldn't decrease much into the night. Partly cloudy skies dominate and temperatures continue to fall as we near the midnight hour, mid 30s in the northwest will definitely feel chilly; mid 40s in the southeast portion of the state will be slightly warmer but still not quite as warm as most would like.

Luckily no rain expected to fall with the cold front passage, but it will definitely be felt by the temperatures. As it ends up, by the time the sun rises on Thursday you can expect plenty of frost over western half of the state. Lows end up bottoming out in the mid 20s to mid 30s from northwest to southeast. Hopefully on Thursday I can get another update up here for the end of the week and through the weekend!