Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Review of Mon/Tue Snows

Well the snowstorm wasn't exactly what was forecasted, with some areas receiving much less snow than forecasted and others actually getting higher amounts. As you can read in the previous post, I did make a forecast for areas of Iowa. It is time for a review of what occurred and how well the forecast I made actually was...
Northern Iowa did not receive much snowfall thanks to the wrap-around precipitation not reaching as far north as expected and the snowfall that affected SD early Monday morning dove south instead of continuing along to the east. But, some areas of southeast Nebraska and localized areas in Iowa saw higher than expected snow amounts thanks to heavy bands that set up along the deformation zone of the low pressure system. The highest snowfall amounts in Iowa were along the south central portion of the state, although areas in Eastern Iowa also were near the 6 inch range. Below is the area average for specific areas of the state, in parentheses is my forecasted amounts for that area.

Sioux City, IA: 2-4 Inches (3-6)
Spencer, IA: 1-2 Inches (3-6)
Omaha, NE: 2-4 Inches (2-5)
Mason City, IA: 1-2 Inches (3-7)
Ames, IA: 2-3 Inches (5-8)
Des Moines, IA: 2-4 Inches (5-8)
Waterloo, IA: 0-2 Inches (4-7)
Cedar Rapids, IA: 3-6 Inches (4-7)
Dubuque, IA: 2-6 Inches (4-7)
Burlington, IA: 3-6 Inches (6-10)

Thus, I verified on only 5 out of the 10 cities, thus only 50% of my forecast was correct in a sense. Not great, but not a complete bust by most standards and not too bad considering the forecast was 24 hours out with such a complex system. Look forward to the next snow system to come in Friday and into early Saturday for the state, this system doesn't look to be too impressive. Tomorrows' update will cover this system as well as a look ahead in to the extended forecast that may become exciting!


Tony Laubach said...

I will certainly let you know how it works. I've talked to a few people who have used it and say its hard to handle in general use because its so bulky. I'm sure they have a valid case in windier/wetter conditions where finding your way around the controls in that bag would be difficult. However, for shooting in those conditions, I'd like to think my cable release can do most of the work! I'll keep you posted!