Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend Work...

A successful weekend of accomplishing tasks is complete! We finished up our bed frame and headboard on Saturday, which if you haven't seen you must, check it out here:

Today the boys and I headed out to trim up a few trees with loppers and yard wagon. We managed quite a few wagon loads of branches that were low hanging or just needed trimmed for the health of the tree. Along the way we picked an apple from the tree out front, this tree wasn't planted best we can tell as a home hasn't been here more than 8 years or so and this tree is likely 20 years old. On the same note while trimming along the fenceline we came upon a pear, and sure enough there is a pear tree too!

We also took a visit to the pond and saw the usual abundance of frogs, spiders, and dragonflies. Got a nice little family picture too!

Finished off the weekend getting the garage a little more organized and cleaned. And of course the boys had plenty of time to run around, bike, jump, and swing. The two oldest boys both go to school tomorrow!