Saturday, August 13, 2016

Family Reunion & Traveling

The first weekend of August was spent along the Iowa/Minnesota border attending the Anderson Family Reunion; extended family of Alyssa. Plenty of time on the lake, the river canoeing, and sitting around a fire. The boys were able to play with a puppy (all 50+ pounds) and the chickens at the house. The boys reinstated the idea that we need to have chickens, and I think by next Spring that'll probably be in the works. The oldest also got to drive a jet ski, with some help of course, and never wanted to leave the water. The youngest two had one night of camping in the tent alongside Alyssa and I, and I think that ended up being enough for them.

The boys also had a few science camp experiments thanks to a former school teacher that loves interactive play. Here's the middle boy having his fun during science time:


Following the reunion I had a trip to Hutchinson, Kansas with work so the next thing we knew we were headed into the middle of August!