Monday, March 23, 2009

Mar. 23 Severe Weather Update #4

Thunderstorms continue to roll through parts of central Iowa, with damaging winds being the main threat through the early nighttime hours. Currently, a line of severe thunderstorms is located in Dallas and Marion counties and is moving northeast. This line of thunderstorms may effect the Des Moines metro area within the next hour. Otherwise mainly general thunderstorms with strong wind gusts should move through central Iowa through Midnight tonight...

This thunderstorm has produced significant damage, just after 9:00 PM, a roof was blown off a restaurant in Adair; and a Casey's canopy has also been reported to be destroyed.

Another severe thunderstorm earlier in northwest Iowa created a significant damaging wind report from the Spencer ASOS. The report was received at 8:42 PM with a wind gust of 70 knots (81 mph)! No other reports were received from this storm as it moved north through the Iowa Great Lakes and into Jackson county Minnesota.

Another note from previous severe weather, law enforcement has confirmed that at least a brief tornado touched down approximately 3 miles south-southwest of Cumberland, IA where anhydrous-ammonia tanks were leaking.