Monday, February 4, 2008

Intense Winter Storm

Yesterday saw an amazing winter storm set up over portions of the state, as a snow band was created that included some amazing snowfall amounts. A majority of the state of Iowa received little snowfall, to areas that received a general 2-4 inches and then to an area near Mahaska and Marion counties as well as some surroundings that neared a foot of snowfall! Yes, a foot (12 inches) of snowfall fell just north of Oskalooska yesterday alone.

This morning has one cluster of showers and embedded thunder moving through the eastern third of the state. A mix of rain, sleet and freezing rain is falling with that round. Expect additional accumulations of ice and snow today across much of the southern and eastern portions of the state. The northwestern quarter of the state should be able to stay mainly snow today, with accumulations in the 3-5 inch range although higher isolated amounts aren't out of the question. This snowfall and mixed bag of precip has prompted there to be several advisories issued, if you wish to view them please check out the latest from the Des Moines NWS Awareness page.

Even once todays' mixed precipitation is out of the way, expect snow to begin to fall tonight and last through Tuesday. As another low pressure system moves near the area, potentially putting some areas of the state under the gun for some hefty snowfall accumulations. The NWS has already issued Winter Storm Watches for some areas of the state, indication that more than 6 inches of snowfall is possible on Tuesday. An update on accumulations from today as well as a forecast into how much snow may fall with the next system in the next update.