Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Friendly Update!

Haven't had an update in a while, which I'm disappointed in beings we had some interesting cold air and basically frigid temperatures over the state. A few record lows in northwest Iowa where they dropped below -20 degrees, not to mention the wind chill values between -40 and -50! Of course that night the weather station at my house went down and did not return until the next night, it was sitting at -15 degrees around 1 AM when it stopped displaying updates. We've warmed up some and should continue to do so until Tuesday next week after the next system rolls through the state. Currently this system is expecting to come right over the state of Iowa, bringing a mix of precipitation to the southern two-thirds of the state while the northern third and especially northwest Iowa on the going forecast set to receive some nice snow amounts. More details on that will likely be posted later on...

Wanted to throw out a few other updates that aren't necessarily weather related. I've finished up my new part-time business website, Jayson Prentice Photography. Took a good amount of time getting it set up, with an even longer amount of time spent on figuring out products and prices, etc... Still have plenty of work to do on that front, but I can say that my prices are the lowest around. Others around are quite spendy and I'm not going to say that my prices are cheap, but I'm there to get the best shots I can and I won't quit when the time is up if I don't feel like I've accomplished that. I can honestly say that I care how the photos turn out and will take the time to make them the best they can be. Be sure to take a visit there, even if you aren't looking for portraits or family photos to be done I also offer up some great landscapes that I've taken over the past couple years and hope to continue to add more. I haven't had near the time I wish I had for photography, I hope this spring and summer I have plenty of opportunities!

I've also been quite busy with other schoolwork, in fact I have a dynamics test tomorrow that I'm seemingly putting off by doing some rambling on here. Also busy with some AMS (American Meteorological Society) things as well as Central Iowa National Weather Association; I'm a cabinet member for both of those. Been refereeing basketball quite a bit as well trying to earn some money here and there just to add onto the schedule. For good measure I'm also a teaching assistant for the intro to Meteorology class here at Iowa State for this semester.

Before I end this, just wanted to say I hope all of the people who are reading enjoy the blog and be sure to post a comment or send me an email! Even if it is just to say hi or how bad I was on a forecast! Received a nice email earlier this week from a guy who had asked about a previous snowfall, was glad to hear from him an happily looked up what the Ames area got for snowfall. I'm going to try to update more often and bring some more unique things that you may not see all the time to the blog. Hope you enjoy!


adambuck66 said...

Thank you for what you do. Its nice to hear a somewhat more informal view of the weather.