Monday, October 30, 2006

Drastic Drop!

A strong cold front made its’ way across the state late this afternoon, picking up the winds and dropping the temperatures! Here in Ames, we reached a high of 70 degrees; this occurring at 3 PM this afternoon. The cold front began to push through by 4 and was passed the Ames area by 5 pm as winds switched around the the northwest by that time. Also, the temperature quickly dropped from 70 degrees to 52 by 5 pm! It has continued to drop throughout with the aide of the sunset and is currently below 40 degrees here just after 9 PM. Other cities within the state have seen the similar drop in temperatures, Lamoni saw their high of 71 quickly drop within the same period of time and they now sit at a chilly 39 degrees. These types of temperatures will remain in the forecast as highs over the remainder of the week will be in the 40s and lows will be in the 20s to some lower 30s possibly. Either way, a much chillier week then the weekend…

Also, just as a side note here. The Iowa State American Meteorological Society is selling calendars for a fund raiser. These calendars are $10 without shipping otherwise if you would have to have them shipped they would cost you $12. Essentially if you are interested in buying one, get ahold of me in one of the many ways possible and I can get one for you. A preview of the calendar can be found here: ISU AMS 2007 Weather Calendar