Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cold Weather!

It has been quite a while since I got a chance to update and I felt especially with the first arctic air making its’ way down into the plains I definitely needed an update. Temperatures here in Ames are expected to drop to near the 40 mark tonight and then barely make it back up to the mid 40s before beginning to drop the rest of the afternoon. What makes it even better is the expected precipitation in the forecast, a very cold rain that could turn into snow flurries by late afternoon/evening and especially by tomorrow night when temperatures continue to drop down into the upper 20s! This cold weather should stick with us on Thursday, with highs only around 40 degrees and lows on Thursday night being in the mid 20s! That is right, a killing frost is on its’ way already in the first half of October. We should start to rebound for the weekend, as highs rise through the 50s and around 60 by Sunday, although lows will remain around the freezing mark on Friday, gradually working up to near 40 on Sunday night.

Although no accumulating snow is expected in Iowa, up north there is a good shot at some. Areas of ND and northwestern MN should start to seeing some accumulation of snow by late tonight actually! Although only a dusting expected tonight in those areas, other areas of northern Minnesota are currently forecasted to get 1-2 inches overnight, especially in the Duluth to International Falls area. This snow is expected to continue during the afternoon tomorrow, makings its’ way into western Wisconsin and into the UP of Michigan by tomorrow night. Some areas on the other side of the lake in the UP may see several inches, anywhere from 3-6 inches even! Other areas of northern Minnesota may see that 1-3 inches with locally higher amounts. Also something to watch for will be how far south the snow can make it, a dusting is currently forecasted in some areas of SD as well as southern MN, so it is not to far off from areas of Iowa. That will do it for the update, hopefully another one once this event is underway with some total snow amounts and if Ames got to see any type of snow.