Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lots of Water

Lots of water from the melting snow that is! Not much in the way of precipitation is i n the forecast until Friday when a quick system moves in and may give the state a mix of precip. A few flood warnings out, but so far we've been able to keep everything within the banks. Hopefully even with more melting tomorrow we can keep it that way. Otherwise just a quick update tonight as this week is quite busy for me...

Highs today ranged from 38 in Dubuque to 69 in Council Bluffs, with a majority of highs across the state ranging from the lower 40s to lower 60s. Tomorrow should be even warmer, with the snow really taking a beating with the sun and general warm weather. Taking a look at the latest snowfall depth you can see where the snow has really started to melt off throughout the southern and western portions of the state. It is getting thinner throughout the rest of the state, I believe after tomorrow evenings update the map will show a majority of the state without any snow depth!

I'll post another image tomorrow night to continue to show how it changes with the significant heating going on. Expect the temperatures to slowly fall back down to near normal conditions over most of the state for Friday and the weekend. We may drop a bit below normal as well on Saturday, but it still looks to be a fairly nice weekend. A quick shot of a rain/snow mix is possible during the day on Friday and into the evening in the eastern portion of the state. No significant accumulations of any kind are currently expected with that storm system.

All eyes are going to be on the Monday time frame however, as a significant system is likely to come over the state. A mixed bag of precipitation seems likely at this time, but the chances of any significant accumulations of any kind are still questionable. More updates on this system as well as how the weekend may look later on, after this week finally settles down and I enter spring break!